Thursday, March 12, 2015

Chris and I review my "Saint Psycho" homebrew (2013 vintage)

This is a brew I did with Scott Veltman at Ommegang. It's a Belgian dubbel fermented with yeast we harvested from a bottle of Westvletern 12. My friend Chris makes his first appearance on the show.

The recipe:
Brewed: 12/1/2013
Primary: 6 days (75 degrees)
Secondary: 32 days (33 degrees)
Bottled: 1/4/2014
OG: 17.5° Plato
FG: 2.8° Plato
ABV: 8%
Apparent Attenuation: 86%
Calories: 235.0 per 12oz bottle

MASH: (60 minutes @ 66.5°C; 5 minutes @ 74°C)
8.5kg Briess Pils
2kg Briess Munich 20L
2kg Briess Extra Special
2kg Dingemans Aromatic
2kg Briess Cara 20
1kg Briess Pale

BOIL (75 minutes):
75 MINUTES: 200g Styrian Goldings
15 MINUTES: 30g Hallertau Spalter Select

5kg D-180 Belgian Candi Syrup

Cooperstown well water treated with lactic acid and gypsum

Trappist Westvletren 12 harvested from two bottles (2L starter)
Yeast treatment: ZnS04 (zinc sulfate)

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