Friday, November 28, 2014

LoveCraft | Gotham | vlog #10

Assassins infiltrate Wayne Manor, but Alfred fends them off, allowing Bruce and Selina to escape. Alfred tells Gordon and Bullock about the incident and then goes with Bullock to help find Bruce and Selina. Meanwhile, Falcone meets with Cobblepot to ask how Maroni knew where his money was, as he believes it was them who stole it from the Armory. Cobblepot states that Maroni didn't commit the armory robbery, as there is a mole working for someone else, possibly for Fish Mooney. Dent suspects Dick Lovecraft hired the assassins. At a mob dinner with various gangsters and mafiosi, Falcone kills his operative Bannion for failing to guard the armory and states that they must increase their tributes to him to recover from the attack on the armory, angering two of his caporegimes. Bullock and Alfred interrogate Macky who admits knowing someone who knows Selina's fence. Selina tells Bruce that the assassins were after her and not him. She leads him to an underground area used as a mall for street kids. They are visited by Ivy Pepper, who escaped from juvie to avoid being adopted following her mother's suicide. She tells Selina that her fence Clyde is operating in the Narrows. Gordon finds Lovecraft, who claims those after Selina are also after him. He gives Gordon some files about the Wayne Enterprise stocks and the two are attacked by the same assassins. Gordon is knocked unconscious and awakes to Bullock calling him to say Fish Mooney has given them information. Gordon then finds Lovecraft dead. Bruce and Selina visit Clyde, only to be grabbed by his associates. The assassins arrive to claim Selina, but she knocks one out, just as Bullock and Alfred arrive. A female assassin stalks Bruce, demanding to know where Selina is. Alfred makes his way to Bruce, and the assassin escapes. Clyde and those involved are arrested. Following Lovecraft's "suicide", Mayor James reassigns Gordon to Arkham Asylum after scolding him and Dent for pressuring Lovecraft. Selina checks in on Bruce at home and kisses him.
Written by Rebecca Dameron
Directed by Guy Ferland
Originally aired 11/24/14

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