Monday, October 27, 2014

Spirit of the Goat | Gotham | vlog #6

Ten years ago, a masked killer calling himself the "Spirit of the Goat" targeted the first born of Gotham City's elite. The Goat targets a girl named Shelley Lawson, which leads a younger Bullock and his partner Detective Dix (Dan Hedaya) to try and rescue her. When Lawson is found dead, they find the killer, Randall Milkie, who claims that "Randall Milkie is dead" as he tries to attack them. Milkie is shot down by Bullock after Dix falls through a trap door. Ten years later, Harvey finds Robert Hastings' daughter, Amanda, murdered by someone with the same "Goat" motive. Meanwhile, Montoya and Allen ask a dock worker if he witnessed Gordon shoot Cobblepot. Gordon arrives at the crime scene as he and Harvey head off to get some details from Robert Hastings on who he may have been worried about. During the autopsy on Amanda, Gordon and Bullock learn that someone is using Milkie's M.O. of leaving a penny under the victim's scalp to target their victims. Because this part of Milkie's M.O. was never officially released, Bullock is worried that the new Goat killer is actually not a copycat after all. Alfred is concerned that Bruce, as one of the firstborn of Gotham's elite, may be in danger and suggests leaving town to avoid becoming a target, to which Bruce refuses. Gordon and Bullock visit a paraplegic Dix at a medical facility to ask him about Milkie and the pennies that are part of the M.O. Dix states that Milkie might've had an unknown accomplice in the murders. Later that night, the Goat targets Ember Copley before she can meet her parents at the marina. Upon arriving at the site where Milkie was killed a decade ago, Gordon frees Ember while Bullock goes after the Goat and fights him. With help from Gordon, Bullock subdues the Goat. The Goat was revealed to be a janitor, Raymond Earl, who had access to keys to his victims' houses. Gordon tells Bullock that they need to get info on any possible accomplices to find a connection between Earl and Milkie, who never actually met. Barbara learns that the MCU has a warrant out for Jim's arrest. Upon learning this, Gordon surrenders to Montoya and Allen. Bullock visits Mr. Hastings where he questions his hypnotherapist, Dr. Marks, about her clients Earl and Milkie. Bullock comes to the conclusion that Dr. Marks was behind the hypnosis of the two people that turned into the "Goat" as an act of therapy for Gotham due to the greed of the Gotham's elite. After Dr. Marks is apprehended, Harvey reports this revelation to Sarah Essen when they are alerted about Gordon's arrest. Bullock agrees with Gordon that he didn't murder Cobblepot as Montoya and Allen try to arrest him as well. During a dispute between the MCU and GCPD, Cobblepot arrives, which prompts Bullock to lash out against Gordon.
Written by Ben Edlund, directed by T.J. Scott.
Originally aired 10/27/14

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