Friday, December 27, 2013

I'll Be Watching/The Call | Batman Black & White Motion Comics | vlog #6

"I'll Be Watching" - Written by Ed Brubaker, art by Ryan Sook (Originally published in Gotham Knights #41). The janitor at Sprang Hall, Gotham's juvenile correctional facility, recalls the event that set him on his path to redemption and sees the guiding presence of Batman as a perpetual and comforting reminder of his new life. Meanwhile, Batman's inspirational second-chance offer is shown to be neither unique nor forgotten.

"The Call" - Written by Mark Schultz, art by Claudio Castellini (Originally published in Gotham Knights #19). Even when nothing is left to chance, accidents can happen. When the situation is desperate, Batman knows he can rely on someone even better equipped to deal with impossible situations than he is. Highlighting the differences between - and need for both - Batman and Superman in the DC Universe, while maintaining an implausibly high success rate, Bruce ultimately acknowledges that even one mistake is one too many.

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