Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Y The Last Man: Vlog #5 - Ring of Truth

Though it begins with a relative lull (and some sex), the fifth and longest story arc from Y: The Last Man seems to accelerate the comic's already feverish pace. It has been more than two years since a flash plague killed all males except for Yorick Brown. Now he and his monkey; the scientist Alison Mann, whose research might enable keeping future males alive; and agent 355, their escort, have reached California, where the data Mann lost in Boston is backed up. Yorick's sister, Hero, still tracks him and is still, unfortunately, affected by the Daughters of the Amazon brainwashing she underwent that tells her to kill, not save, him. Rogue former colleagues of 355 are after her to get an amulet they believe has special powers, and a ninja is out to steal Yorick's monkey, Ampersand. Flashbacks reveal more about Hero and begin disclosing the fate of Yorick's fiancee in Australia. Oh, and Yorick gets sick with symptoms like those that killed the other males. Busy, busy, white-knuckle stuff: the series just gets better.

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