Saturday, September 7, 2013

Uphill Brewing Sunshine Fair IPA | Chad'z Homebrew Reviews #33

Another homebrew courtesy of Jesse in Cobleskill. Since I just had all these people over for "The Great Macro Lager Showdown of 2013" I thought it'd be a perfect opportunity to get some guest reviewers.

Here's the recipe:
15lbs 2-row malt
1lb Crystal 20L
1/4lb Crystal 60
1/2lb Dextrose
Mashed at 148 degrees for 60 minutes
90 minutes: 2oz Magnum
15 minutes: 1.25oz Centennial
10 minutes: 1oz Cascade
Whirlpool: 2oz Centennial
80 minute boil
Dry hopped with Columbus, Simcoe and Magnum (1oz each)
Yeast: WLP007 (fermented at 68 degrees)
OG = 1.062
FG = 1.012
6.56% ABV
Brewed on 8/3/13

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