Monday, August 19, 2013

Matt's Oatmeal Stout | Chad'z Homebrew Reviews #32

If you subscribe to my homebrew club's channel you might have recently seen the interview I did with Matt Hulihan, the current treasurer of the club. We were drinking this oatmeal stout at the time and I asked him if he'd give me more to review since I liked it so much. My friend Shaun once again stops by to opine on it, too.

5 gal batch size
OG 1.060
FG 1.017
5.25% ABV
9.5 lb     English Pale
1.0 lb     Oats
.75 lb     Choc Malt
.75 lb     Victory
.25 lb     Crystal 60
.25 lb     Crystal 120

10.5 IBU Kent Goldings
2.6 IBU Crystal
31 IBU Northern Brewer

WLP 002 English Ale - 2L stir plate starter
Water: Dark beer profile; 1.36 So/Cl ratio
Process: Toast oats in 375 oven on cookie sheet(s) for 30 or so minutes until they get some color. 
Mash @ 154 F.  Ferment at 67 for a few days, then raise gradually to 70 by day 7. 
I give it an extra few days at 70 before kegging.

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