Friday, February 22, 2013

P90X Day 3: Shoulders & Arms

It probably was a good idea to take off yesterday. My chest was still hurting (though not as bad) at work all day and on top of that, so were my thighs! I've experienced this type of muscle fatigue before. No matter how good of shape I'm in at the time, if I switch to a radically different workout routine (well anything with weights, really) I tend to get pretty sore for a day or two. Though I've found that in the past my body adapts to the new routine rather quickly so the muscles don't get sore again the next time that new workout comes around.

So anyway today was shoulders and arms. It mostly involves using dumbells and doing a lot of the same types of curls I've done before. Nothing on P90X is traditional as far as I can tell. There's always a little spin on it. Today was definitely the easiest day so far. Because there are so many sets and reps involved I kept the weight pretty low and stuck to 5 or 10 pound dumbbells. Next time this workout comes around I'll up the weights a bit.

I'm considering getting two of those dial-a-weight dumbbells because they're great space savers. The problem is they're very expensive. Even walmart has them for like $50 each. I'll see if I can find some used ones on craigslist.

Today was the second time of the "Ab ripper X" workout too. It was the exact same thing from day 1. I was surprised, actually, because the whole point of this program is supposed to be muscle confusion. I thought they'd be completely different exercises today.

What I hate about ab workouts isn't the burn on my abs but that it hurts my lower back more than anything. There's been times when I've worked my abs pretty regularly and I would've been able to keep pace with them on the video. I definitely couldn't keep up. Thankfully it's only a 13 minute routine a couple times a week.

I finally ran today for the first time since last weekend. And I was only able to run 3 miles in about 28 minutes. I thought doing P90X at home would be a great time saver since I dont have to drive to the gym and back, but it's a good 75 minutes long and when I'm done it's at the point of no return where I can go run for 30-45 minutes and be able to get back in  time to eat something really quick (either oatmeal or cereal) and be able to get to work in time. I prefer to eat a hot breakfast like bacon and eggs and waffles and such, but as long as I eat something I'm happy.

I think tomorrow is Yoga. Never done yoga before. Not looking forward to it. It's over an hour and half long!

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