Saturday, December 24, 2011

Homebrew #1 ("Chad'z Unsupervised IPA") Part 4: Tasting

The beers have been bottle conditioned at room temperature for 20 days, so now it's time to finally drink them! Shaun stopped over on his way home from work to partake in the occasion. Since he helped me brew it, I thought he should be here for the official first tasting (we have taste tested it a few times since it was bottled, though).

I have to say I'm happy with the way it came out. It's not the greatest beer in the world, but for a first homebrew I think we did a good job. In retrospect, burning some of the LME probably was a rookie mistake. I probably should've done a secondary fermentation, but then I would've had to drop another $50 on a carboy.

I think the beer will continue to improve in taste as it bottle conditions at room temperature but I'm sure it will peak at some point.

Thanks to Shaun for helping me brew this, and thanks to Jay for helping me bottle it. Thanks to everyone that left tips and advice in the comments section - a lot of them really did come in handy! Cheers and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody!

Here's the recipe according to the kit directions:
6.6lbs Gold Extract
1lb Maris Otter Pale malt (Castleford, UK)
2oz Galena hops (boiling)
1.5oz Northern Brewer hops (mid-boil)
2oz Amarillo hops (dry hopping)*
1 package Dry Ale Yeast
3/4 cup dextrose (bottle conditioning)
Original specific gravity: 1.054 - 1.064**
Final specific gravity: 1.012 - 1.015**

* = not part of the kit. My own addition
** = I forget what our gravity readings were, but they were lower than these estimations

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